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What is speech recognition software?

Speech recognition software assists computer users in turning spoken words into written text.

The user talks into a microphone. The computer listens to the speaker, then links that information to written words and phrases. It then prints out the text on to the monitor. This process happens immediately, so as you say the words, they are appearing on the screen. You talk in basically the same way you normally talk.

This technology is surprisingly well developed and accurate. It will understand between 85-98% of the words you say, depending on a series of variables.

Who uses speech recognition software?
As with so many things with computers and software, it is best to have a purpose in mind when purchasing or using speech recognition software. The categories listed below are typical reasons for people to use this technology.

People who have difficulties using their hands to type, but are able to speak clearly.

Many people have difficulty using their hands, but are able to speak clearly. Hand problems are often the result of poor coordination or muscular problems. This could be due to an injury, an acquired neurological problem, or people who are just not good typists. This software allows people who type very slowly, or not at all, to get there thoughts down on paper. Some typical problems that prevent typing, but allow success at using speech recognition, include nerve damage, multiple sclerosis, repetitive stress injuries, paralysis, amputation, some stroke patients.

People who dont have the time to type or are not good typists. This group would include those in business, the medical or legal fields and others who frequently need to communicate by written report. Currently these people may dictate reports, and hire transcribers to type it out.

Speech recognition software can save time, money, and allow the non-typing user to get reports onto paper. Can you talk faster than you can type? We have successfully worked with doctors, lawyers, psychologists, sales representatives, real estate agent, estimators, and others.

People with a learning disability which prevents them from writing clearly.

Learning disabilities are quite varied in how they affect an individual. Problems often include poor language skills, where people have trouble expressing their thoughts in a written form. As learning experts, we at Newspeak Communications are cautious about recommending speech recognition software for those with learning disabilities. Successful candidates include people who are poor at getting their thoughts onto paper in a way that .

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